Reminder: We need your help

Klamath County needs a non-judgmental spiritual center and we are it.  Please take a few minutes and look over our committees.  If you can spare a few hours a month, we can make a difference during this challenging time.

Religious Education  Find ways to stimulate the young ones via Zoom.  Or park visits.  Need folks to think outside the box for the children.

Worship Committee —  Plan Sunday services.

Membership Committee —  Greeters when we meet in person.  Reach out to those in need as the Cares & Concerns group.  Especially needed during this time of isolation.  A simple phone call can make someone’s day.

Fellowship Fun Nights — Connie DeVry needs some folks to help her plan whatever gatherings outside the service we can hold.  Special events planning is included.  Sounds like fun!

Social Justice Committee —  Courtney Neubauer leads the service once a month and plans events to get us out in public.  To let our presence be known.  Very fulfilling work.  Acting on our principles.  We need idea people too.  So if you can’t march you can at least share your thoughts.


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