Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter: We are taking our traditional summer break but there are still some exciting opportunities to get involved in.
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Summer Recess

It’s almost August and I’m sending the August newsletter a couple of days early as there are a couple of time sensitive activities happening in our town.

Klamath Hospice’s 40th Anniversary Open House Celebration
2751 Washburn Way
Hello friends!
We are excited to announce our 40th Anniversary Open House to the public on Saturday, July 30th from 11-2 pm.
Jennifer Smith

Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator

Pantry and Garden News


Peace and Social Concerns Meeting, August 3rd at 4:30

We (The Friends’ Church) are scheduled to have a Peace and Social Concerns Meeting a week from this coming Tuesday (August 3rd at 4:30)
> If there is agreement I propose we spend the time considering options for stocking the pantry etc.
> Faith, please invite Unitarians who are involved or wish to be involved in the Pantry.
> If there are other P&SC agenda topics, please bring them to the meeting or email to the group.
> Kate

The Pantry had it’s first event July 19th.  It was slow but successful and there were fresh peas from the garden available also.  More help is needed in August, the last 2 Tuesdays 8/23 and 8/30. Please contact Maureen Somers,  if you are interested in this volunteer activity to help feed our Klamath Falls neighbors.


The Garden is planted and after some struggles with the weather and pests it is producing produce for the pantry.  It needs ongoing attention, weeding especially. If you are interested in helping please contact Katie Ruth at

2022-2023 Intern Minister

We will be welcoming our new intern QuianaDenae (kēy-AH-nuh deh-NAY) Perkins to the Southern Oregon Unitarian Universalist Partnership.  “Quiana Denae will begin this ministry in August 2022. Her ministry will be multi-platform, meaning she will join us in person for short periods of time, but continue to live in Michigan. She will also minister online in all areas of congregational life and in all three Southern Oregon congregations.”

Volunteers NeededJoin the Friends in partnering with the Oregon Extension Office for  Friends Garden Camp, Cooking Matters, and food pantry sampling.
When: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm Saturdays, May 28 thru Oct 14, 2022
What: Staff the Market Booth, assist SNAP participants to exchange/Double Up their food bucks, share ideas on shopping at market, present recipes/food prep ideas, and encourage market goers to participate in a fun market “activity of the week.”
We UUs are invited to help with these worthwhile community events.  If you can help or have questions please contact: Maureen Somers at 541-891-1857 or

Bridging the Gun Divide

Opportunity to Host High School exchange Students from Spain and Thailand
Submitted by Faith Leith:
My name is Nichole and I assist high school students from our global community with experience in international immersion. I am reaching out to church leaders in Klamath Falls because we have two amazing students, one from Thailand and another from Spain who would love to come to the beautiful Pacific Northwest this August for their school year abroad.
I am working to connect these two kiddos (as well as others) with awesome volunteer host families that would welcome them into their home and share our beautiful community with them.
Our students will attend the high school closest to their host family and can take school transportation or carpool.  They speak English well, have their own medical insurance as well as their own spending money to cover personal expenses.
Regional Placement Manager OR/WA
mobile +1.458.212.4134

Annual Meeting Minutes Can Be Found on our website under governance:

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Get Involved

Klamath County needs a non-judgmental spiritual center and we are it. There are may ways to support our Fellowship financial contributions are just one of these.  Please take a few minutes and look over our committees.  If you can spare a few hours a month, we can make a difference during this challenging time.


Help Wanted


Religious Education   Find ways to stimulate the young ones via Zoom. Or park visits.  Need folks to think outside the box for the children.

Paid Aide for RE Sought

Know someone who’s good with children and would like to earn extra money on Sunday mornings?  Please put them in touch with Tammy Walchak,  She will plan the lessons.  We need an aide to help her from 11 a.m. to noon.

Worship Committee — Chair Franny Howes Plan Sunday services. Volunteer to be a service leader.

Membership Committee — Chair  Barbara Turk Greeters needed for in person Sunday services.  Reach out to those in need as the Cares & Concerns group.  Especially needed during this time of isolation.  A simple phone call can make someone’s day.

Fellowship Fun Nights — Connie DeVry needs some folks to help her plan whatever gatherings outside the service we can hold.  Special events planning is included.  Sounds like fun!

Social Justice Committee —  Courtney Neubauer leads the service once a month and plans events to get us out in public. To let our presence be known.  Very fulfilling work.  Acting on our principles.  We need idea people too.  So if you can’t march you can at least share your thoughts.


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Summer Archives
Barbara TurkIt’s (soon to be) August and a month of summer to go.  Ralph Waldo Emerson put it this way:  “It is a happy talent to know how to play.”  Do enjoy the rest of your summer.Far from, “play”, but so urgent, on July 16th 988, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, was launched nationwide. Brethren of 911, it’s  available 24/7, to call or text, by anyone experiencing a behavioral health crisis or emergency.  (IT TOOK AWHILE!) Thanks to efforts of many, NAMI included.  PASS THE WORD!

JUMP FOR JOY—Eleanor Pine was pronounced clear of cancer. (Such not expected until ’23!) In 2020 we celebrated the then 9-year-old having completed 799 days of treatment (& recuperation).  YAHOO!!!!!

A BELATED THANKS—Scanning 2020 Archives I  also found a H&N Letter to Editor.  As we celebrated Eleanor, the letter shared volunteers spent 20 + hours collecting illegal dumping on city schools property.  Phil Studenberg quietly did what he does so graciously.  He picked up the dump fee.  Phil,  THANK YOU.  But, I am confused as to your city council vote for the plane for Veterans Park. Can we talk?

MORE GOOD NEWS—In a brief H&N piece July 9th, “Presbyterians agree to divest from fossil fuel companies”.  The Church (USA) sought to encourage, “several fossil fuel companies” (5) to reduce greenhouse gases.  There was , “No substantial change or movement.”  Thus, the divestiture.  In final paragraph, ”Other progressive faith-based groups, in various countries”,  including the Episcopal Church and the Unitarian Universalist Assoc., have also taken action. (Of course—UUA Prin. 7.)

Having visited Turkey in 2007 & 2009, Lou & I noted signs, TURKIYE, so I adapted turkiyebabs for my email.  THE WEEK of June 17th  shared the United Nations confirmed, “The official name in the international arena, is ’TURKIYE’”.   (As to Turkiye blood in Lou’s veins, not a clue!)

“Without optimism, we’ve already failed.”             (George Takei)


News From the Wider Community

UU Ministry for the Earth

Interested in Climate justice, follow the link below for more information .

UU the Vote 2022 Has Launched!

When we organize, we build power in our communities for justice, accountability, and healing. In the last two years, UU the Vote has built new networks of spiritual and political communities to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate.

With UU the Vote 2022 we’re organizing on the state and local levels to fight for fair elections, advance voting rights, protect abortion access, and resist the targeting and criminalization of Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities.

There is so much at stake in the 2022 midterm elections. Together, our communities can address the current threats to our democracy and human dignity. Download our guide to get started.

Donate—Donate to UUSC’s Emergency Response Fund to help Ukrainian Refuges:!/donation/checkout?preset1=50&preset2=75&preset3=150&preset4=250&utm_source=fy22-fund-Ukraine-Response-lightbox&utm_medium=lightbox&utm_campaign=fy22-fund
Donations will be directed to current and future partners in the region and strengthen their ongoing work of supporting and advocating for communities. UUSC goes “beyond the grant dollar,” meaning that our relationships are about more than just providing financial support.

Joys and Sorrows:

From Barbara Turk:

On Jul 21, 2022, at 10:43 PM, Barbara Turk  wrote:
This evening I learned Carol Imani fell & fractured a knee a week ago.  This follows two major surgeries, in 2021; concluding 2022. Also, she’s in the process of selling her home (to down-size). Cards, calls welcome.

Yesterday (July 24th), I spoke by phone  (long overdue) with Marilynn Sutherland.  She’s doing well, has enjoyed summer visitors, AND a flower arrangement class.  (I can’t manage a decent arrangement WITH SIGHT!!! )

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Worship – Franny Howes, chair, Julia Jackman, Cheryle Ramirez, Courtney Neubauer
RE – Katie Johnson, chair, Michelle Pine, Tammy Walchak
Social Justice – Courtney Neubauer, chair
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Stewardship – Julia Jackman, chair, Sally Wells, Mary Kelley
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