Renting Friends Church

>>>You will find photos of the facilities at Friends Church at the bottom of the page<<<

MOU Cover Letter to Friends Church

October 31, 2021 – To the Friends:

Attached please find

A Draft  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County and the Klamath Friends Church.  The MOU is based on the one we have operated under with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, but we would anticipate this arrangement being somewhat different than our experience at St. Paul’s.

There is a strong correlation between the UU and the Friends mission and outlook, which could mitigate toward more shared events and activities.  Both the garden and the food pantry I think are attractive to both congregations.  The only possible conflict area I can see is if one of us grew much larger than the other.  Or one of us dwindled while the other did not.  These potential problems seem unlikely but might call for a little up-front discussion.

We will have the dedicated use of the large downstairs room for our services and other intermittent events.  We will also have the use of the RE room and one of the storage rooms.  We may use/share use of the kitchen, bathrooms and other common spaces.

We suggest that we hold joint services for the first month or so, perhaps alternating between Friends and UU services.  This to help us get to know one another, and perhaps to help determine if we can hold same-time services on Sundays.  A “perfect” arrangement might be same-time services and a joint coffee hour following.

We would expect to help with joint efforts like the garden and pantry.  Also possibly with some cleaning and joint improvement projects.

We propose to make this agreement open-ended , and monitor, adjust and/or change it as on-going experience may suggest.

We are anticipating a very happy and mutually beneficial experience together!

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County


We enter into this agreement with mutual respect in order to maintain and enhance our friendship by clarifying the purpose and use of the Church facilities that the Fellowship herewith leases.

Both parties recognize that there may be unforeseen occurrences due to this increased usage requiring resolution. We are confident that the respective parties and representatives will amicably resolve such issues.

The Fellowship is desirous of making a more permanent home in the Friends’ facilities in order that our congregation can feel more “at home” and can create an environment more suited to our worship. The congregation and Board are herewith committed to the following conditions.

The Church agrees to rent the facilities specified and will provide the services set forth below.


The Fellowship shall:

  1. Have use of the downstairs Meeting Room for worship and the room currently used for religious education, including desired furniture. We foresee this to be open to both congregations, and possibly a joint effort;
  2. Have shared use of rest rooms, access halls, stairways
  3. Have normal use of the church kitchen;
  4. As tenants, be able to decorate and paint the meeting room, children’s education rooms and furniture;
  5. Erect a sign facing Oregon Avenue indicating that this is the location of the UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP OF KLAMATH COUNTY, and erect our Peace Pole in an appropriate place

The Friends Church shall provide the following services:

  1. Maintain the building, equipment and grounds;
  2. Includes the costs of electricity, heating, water and sewage, garbage and recycling, and internet.

The Fellowship shall:

  1. Maintain liability insurance equal to that of the Church as is customary to ease potential litigation;
  2. Maintain its own contents insurance to cover any loss to the Fellowship, but not covering Church owned contents;

The Fellowship shall pay the Church a monthly fee of $ ______ due on the first of the month.

Signatures, Klamath Falls Friends Church_______________

Signatures, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County (UUFKC)__________________

More Details on Quaker Church

Met with Stewardship Chair, Oct. 20.

A few things we discussed:

  • Separate services at the same time-ish, them at 10 a.m., us at 10:30 Sundays. Acoustics don’t seem to be a problem.
  • We can use the storage room downstairs and decorate the large room with our stuff.
  • Lots of folding chairs, we could purchase cushions (new or used) to make them more comfortable
  • Board is welcome to tour the building after our Zoom service this Sunday. So we are all on the same page when we discuss space use.
  • Quakers have a potluck every 4th Hope to make this a regular, joint event.
  • No security system. No janitor or gardener. One key opens sanctuary and downstairs doors.  They would have the locks changed and share the new keys.  Linda was not sure how many keys they have or who has them.  We have 5 for St. Paul’s and we know who has them.  Renters must be more careful than owners.
  • They have several room dividers on rollers which we could use to block off an office space, etc. Don’t want to share the office upstairs as they hope to have a pastor to take them into the next phase of their church’s life.  Growth is a priority for them as it is for us.
  • We could use the large nursery/classroom for our kids. Also access to kitchen (2 gas stoves and 2 sinks).  All of this plus two unisex bathrooms are next to the meeting room downstairs
  • One problem is the path to the downstairs meeting room.  Not handicap accessible.  Four long, wide steps, two small ones.  We would need a ramp.  They have no elevator and only a ramp to the sanctuary. Next to it is the office, bathrooms, and coffee-hour space.  That’s all they need and seldom go downstairs except for the monthly potlucks.  Just getting back into the routine of meeting in person.  They have all been vaccinated, sit 6-feet apart, and wear masks unless speaking during the service.  We can do the same.
  • We would need a sign or signs pointing the way to the door downstairs. It is around the corner to the left of the building.
  • We could be as involved as we want in the food pantry (last two Tuesdays of the month) and garden, where they grow vegetables for the pantry.
  • The children’s playground is awesome. I hate to use that word in a report but that’s what it is!
  • Dean brought several boxes from Walmart. I picked them up and dropped them off at St. Paul’s.
  • See Chuck’s list of what needs to be done. Not sure how many trucks we would need but I have one and it’s only about a mile between the churches.  It could be done with one small truck.


These photos show the meeting room, kitchen and the RE room that we will have access to at the Quaker Church


Meeting Room
The Kitchen
Religious Education Room