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Acts of Kindness

The 10 acts of kindness from Faith’s sermon…And a few more for good measure at the bottom.

acts of kindness
Do a favor without asking for anything in return
  • Give an unexpected compliment.
  • Let someone cut in front of you in line.
  • Slow down so someone can merge in front of you in traffic.
  • Let someone else take that primo parking spot.
  • Help someone struggling to carry their grocery bags.
  • Say something encouraging to a parent who’s struggling with
    rambunctious kids in a restaurant or grocery store.
  • Offer to return a stranger’s grocery cart to the front of the
  • Pick up a piece of litter and throw it out.
  • Pass along a compliment to a service worker’s boss.
  • Smile at someone who looks sad.

The idea is to drop a pebble in the pond and know that
someone will feel the ripple effect as others pass it forward.

A few more suggestions:

  • Be a friend to a lonely neighbor.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Make kindness the norm.
  • Adopt a grandparent. Go to a local nursing home and find out who is not getting any visitors.
  • Plant a tree!